Please come the pub on Thursday to show support for KWOU! I’ve got some real jimmy jamz in store for all of you.

    My show Young & Spry is on today at 4pm! Tune in for an hour of music picked by yours truly. Today’s show features some up and coming bands, a new track from Rilo Kiley, and a treat for all of you Ray Dalton fans! 

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    New episode of Young & Spry today on KWOU! This week we interview Vikas and Samrid about the International Night that will be happening this week on Friday, May 3rd. For more information about the show and how you can attend (the event will also be streaming online!), tune in! Songs on today’s show were chosen by our guests.

    Young & Spry is back on today! This week Blake, Krystonia, and Bria of the WOU Model UN Club stopped by the KWOU studio to tell us about the conference in San Francisco this weekend and to show off their foreign language skills ;) Songs included in today’s show were chosen by our guests! 
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    My radio show, Young & Spry, will be back on the air at KWOU tomorrow afternoon! This week we have the pleasure of chatting Trevor Ross, Yumi Kong, and Evelyn Garcia from WOU Triangle Alliance about their upcoming performance the Wonderful Wizard of WOU Drag Show! Listen in in for more information about their show, a movie pop quiz, and songs picked by our guests! 

    This program can be heard via online stream on Wednesday April 9th, at 4pm! (Pacific Time)


    Want to know who is on air at KWOU and when? Check out our Winter schedule! 

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    Tune into my show, Young & Spry, Tuesdays at 2pm! 

    DJ Modest Blouse streaming live NOW! Click here to tune in!


    Introducing our KWOU team! What a lovely bunch of coconuts. 


    Listen to Ghoul School EP by Dragon Inn 3.

    love this! 

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    gonna play some eerie jams about ghosts and haunting, along with some other fun spooky favorites


    Emergency compliment


    Mine said “That song was definitely written about you”  And yes, it did make me feel better.

    Bookmarked for whenever the need arises.

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    My show begins in 10 minutes (3pm Pacific), then I’ll be followed by DJ Brainwarshed at 4pm!

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    I’m on air right now at KWOU, and I will be followed by DJ Brainwarshed! Check us ouuuttt!

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